Trash Collection

Trash Collection

As of September, 2014, Northmoor’s agreement with Royal Disposal for weekly trash pick-up has been updated
and includes:

1) Two 45-gallon roll carts/containers (limit of 50 pounds each); OR
2) Three 33-gallon carts/containers (limit of 50 pounds each); OR
3) One 96-gallon roll cart/container (limit of 70 pounds); OR
4) Four 45-gallon trash bags not in a roll cart/container (limit of 50 pounds each).

Anything exceeding or outside of these limitations is considered a private agreement between the homeowner and
Royal Trash and is subject to additional fees and restrictions by Royal Trash.

Beginning January 1, 2015, if a property owner places additional trash in excess of the above, a quarterly invoice
will be issued directly by Royal Disposal to the homeowner at a charge of $1.50 per bag or box.

If your cart is damaged, please call 970-587-8841 for repairs or replacements. Royal will repair minor damage from
normal use. However, any cart with damages as a result of abuse or neglect by the property owner will be
replaced at a charge of $25.00 per cart or the cost of a replacement part.

Additional garbage carts are available through Royal Disposal for an additional monthly fee of $4 (per roll cart) by
calling 970-587-8841.

All trash must be bagged even if placed in a roll cart/container. Royal will take a limited number of branches, cut
into 4-foot lengths and bundled/tied together. Summer yard waste should be placed in bags outside of the roll
cart/container. One 45-gallon yard bag is free each week.

Please place your roll carts/containers facing the point of collection at the end of your driveway by 5:00 a.m. on
Thursday mornings (our normal collection day. The roll carts/containers should not be blocked by vehicles, objects,
or overhanging tree limbs. Residents are responsible for keeping carts clean and odor-free by periodically
rinsing them with a little detergent and water.

At this time, Royal Trash will NOT be picking up recycling. There is a recycling drop off center in Berthoud, off
County Line Road where you may take your recycling. Royal Trash had been picking up recycling at no charge for
Northmoor Acres; however, the recycling center where Royal Trash would take the recycling material is now
charging them to drop off recycling making it unprofitable for them to pick up the recycling. Should this service be
reinstated in the future, the Board will notify all Members of the HOA.

Items Not Accepted: Ashes of any kind, burnt trash, yard debris, concrete or rocks, clothing, large pieces of
metal, dirt, construction debris, household hazardous waste (i.e. batteries, oil, cleaning products, paint or
antifreeze), pallets, flammable products, tires, furniture, hot water heaters, appliances, manure, medicine needles
or any other hazardous materials.